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techtron TS10+ VOX - 2 kW* Electric Scooter - Dual System Hydraulic

Sale price£ 1,199.00
Color:techtron Blue


Introducing the techtron® TS10+ VOX electric scooter - A Pinnacle of Electric Mobility! This upgraded model not only maintains all the exceptional qualities of the techtron® TS10 but enhances your riding experience with advanced hydraulic brakes and hydraulic suspension. Step up to superior power, performance, and unprecedented control with every exhilarating journey.

  • 2 kW* Peak Power: Experience raw power and thrilling acceleration, taking your ride to unmatched levels of excitement and efficiency.
  • Hydraulic Suspension: Glide smoothly over any terrain with our ultra-advanced hydraulic front & rear suspension system, ensuring a comfortable ride no matter the road conditions.
  • Hydraulic Brakes: Achieve superior stopping power with responsive and reliable hydraulic front & rear brakes, giving you confidence in every braking scenario.
  • Removable/Interchangeable Battery System: Extend your range with ease thanks to a versatile battery system designed for quick swaps and extended adventures.
  • Regenerative Braking System: Boost your energy efficiency by converting braking force back into additional power for your scooter.
  • Smart App Features: Enhance your ride with this smart app, allowing you to adjust speed, activate cruise control, control lights, track mileage, and remotely lock your scooter—all through an intuitive interface.
  • Ultra-Bright Indicators: Enhanced visibility for safer rides, making your turning intentions unmistakably clear to all.
  • USB Charging Port: Stay connected and powered up during rides with a convenient onboard USB charging port.
  • Durable Build for Rough Terrains: Conquer challenging landscapes with a robust build that stands up to tough environments.
  • Intuitive LCD Digital Control Panel: Monitor your scooter’s key metrics at a glance for optimised ride management.
  • Convenience on Board: Features include a practical bottle holder and a secure phone holder, adding utility without sacrificing style.
  • Ultra-Bright LED Headlights: Light up the night with powerful LED headlights for safe and enjoyable nocturnal journeys.
  • Rugged 10” All-Terrain Tyres: Tackle any adventure with tyres that deliver exceptional grip and performance on varied surfaces.

The techtron® TS10+ VOX electric scooter is more than an electric scooter - it is an essential lifestyle enhancement for the modern rider, merging cutting-edge technology with robust design to transform every trip into an unforgettable experience. Embrace the revolution of electric scooters with the TS10+ VOX, where extraordinary power meets advanced practicality.

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