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2 kW* Premium + Electric Scooter

TS10/10+ VOX

Future Tech. Today

Introducing the techtron® TS10/10+ VOX- the epitome of electric mobility that offers an exceptional fusion of dynamic power, refined performance, and unparalleled control that define every thrilling ride.

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techtron TS10/10+ VOX - 2 kW* Electric Scooter

Giá bán£ 999.00
Color:techtron Blue

Experience the epitome of electric mobility with the techtron® TS10/10+ VOX – an exceptional fusion of dynamic power, refined performance, and unparalleled control that define every thrilling ride. Elevate your ride with the TS10+ EVO model, which features sophisticated hydraulic brakes and hydraulic suspension, transforming every journey into an exhilarating adventure.

  • 2 kW Peak Power*: Unleash raw power and experience thrilling acceleration that elevates your ride to unprecedented levels of excitement and efficiency.
  • Max Speed: Reach a top speed of 65 km/h^, merging thrill with performance.
  • Range: Traverse further with an extended range of 65/85 km^^.
  • Hydraulic Suspension: (TS10+ Only) Enjoy a silky-smooth ride across any terrain with our state-of-the-art hydraulic front & rear suspension system, designed for ultimate comfort under any road conditions.
  • Hydraulic Brakes: (TS10+ Only) Command powerful and precise stopping capabilities with high-performance hydraulic front & rear brakes that ensure safety in every braking scenario.
  • Advanced (Front & Rear) Spring Suspension: (TS10 Only) Smoothly navigate over any bumps or uneven surfaces, ensuring a comfortable ride.
  • Removable/Interchangeable Battery System: Flexibly extend your journeys with a battery system that supports quick swaps for continuous adventure.
  • Regenerative Braking System: Increase your scooter’s efficiency by converting braking energy back into additional power.
  • Intelligent SmartApp: Customise your riding experience with an intelligent app that lets you adjust settings such as speed, activate cruise control, control lights, track mileage, and remotely lock your scooter.
  • Ultra-Bright LED Headlights: Illuminate your path with powerful LED headlights, enhancing safety and visibility during night rides.
  • Premium Indicators: Ensure your turning intentions are clear with enhanced visibility provided by high-quality indicators.
  • Visibility: Stay visible in low-light conditions with ultra-bright, wraparound side lights that enhance safety.
  • USB Charging Port: Maintain connectivity and charge on the go with a convenient USB port built into the scooter.
  • Durable Build for Rough Terrains: Built to withstand tough environments, this robust design keeps you going over challenging terrains.
  • Intuitive LCD Digital Control Panel: Easily monitor essential metrics of your scooter for optimized management during your rides.
  • Convenience on Board: Enjoy added practical features such as a bottle holder and a secure phone holder, blending utility with style.
  • Rugged 10" All-Terrain Tyres: Engage any landscape with confidence thanks to tyres designed for superior grip and performance on various surfaces.
  • Premium Anti-Slip Embossed Footboard: Step onto the secure, anti-slip footboard designed for maximum grip and safety in any condition.

The techtron® TS10/10+ VOX is more than just an electric scooter; it’s a vital enhancement to the lifestyle of the modern rider, merging cutting-edge technology with durable design to transform every trip into a memorable adventure. Dive into the revolution of electric scooters with the TS10/10+ VOX, where extraordinary power converges with sophisticated practicality.