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techtron e-Bikes: Power Your Ride!

Get ready to revolutionise your ride with a techtron electric-bike! These state-of-the-art electric bikes are the perfect blend of style and performance. Whether you're a city commuter or an avid adventurer, techtron has the ideal model for you.

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techtron TE10+ PRIMO e-Bike - Carbon Fibre techtrontechtron TE10+ PRIMO e-Bike - Carbon Fibre techtron
techtron Ultra 8000 Electric Bike techtrontechtron Ultra 8000 Electric Bike techtron
techtron Elite 5000 Electric Bike (Mid Motor) techtrontechtron Elite 5000 Electric Bike (Mid Motor) techtron
techtron Elite 5000 Electric Bike (Rear Motor) techtrontechtron Elite 3500 Electric Bike (Rear Motor) techtron
techtron Pro 3500 Electric Bike techtrontechtron Ultra 8000 Electric Bike techtron
techtron® TE3 Pro elsykkel Sale price£ 1,599.00
techtron Lite 2000 Electric Bike techtrontechtron Lite 2000 Electric Bike techtron
techtron® TE1 Lite elsykkel Sale price£ 1,299.00
techtron Explore+ 2500 Electric Bike techtrontechtron Explore+ 2500 Electric Bike techtron
techtron® TE2 Explore+ elsykkel Sale price£ 1,299.00
techtron Explore 2500 Electric Bike techtrontechtron Explore 2500 Electric Bike techtron


Do I have to pedal to get assistance on my electric bike?

We’re sorry to have to break it to you, but yes you do. An e-bike assists your pedalling rather than taking over completely. If you don’t need to pedal, it’s classified as a moped.

An ebike will have a torque sensor built into its drivetrain, to measure how much effort the rider is applying to the pedals. Then the motor’s output will be regulated to match this, so it doesn’t take over and provides power in a measured way to reflect how you are riding.

How long will a charged e-bike battery typically last?

That depends on the type of bike, the battery capacity, the ambient temperature and how you use it: a fit rider on flattish roads or trails may be riding without assistance a lot of the time, whereas a less fit rider on hilly terrain is likely to be calling on the motor to help a lot more. With a legal cut-off of assistance at 25kph (around 15mph) in many countries, road riders could easily exceed this without using the motor, whereas mountain bikers on technical trails will be calling on their motors more. In short, it depends on your fitness, riding style and the terrain.

Is the battery removable?

Not all techtron ebike models are available with removable batteries. The techtron Pro 3500, Elite 5000, Elite 5000 (Mid Motor) and Ultra 8000 are the models to look for if interchangeable batteries are required.

Does the e-bike come with a charger?


How do I recharge the battery pack?

The battery pack can be charged while it is on the bike or off the bike by plugging in the charger unit. The charger unit connects to a standard wall outlet.

Does the e-bike come with a display?

Yes, techtron electric bike models come with an LCD that displays various bits of information, including speed, battery power, speed level, riding distance, trip time, and more.

What kind of assembly is required?

Your e-bike will arrive partially assembled (about 85%) and packaged in a standard bike box. The front wheel, pedals, saddle, handlebar and reflectors require easy assembly. You can check the manual or our video instructions on YouTube for a step-by-step guide.

What is the maximum rider weight?

The maximum recommended rider weight is around 100kg for optimal performance.

Where is the bike shipped from? And how many days can I get the bike after I place the order?

Our bikes are shipped from the UK. It usually takes around 3-7 working days for shipment.