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2 kW Premium + Electric Scooter

TS10/10+ VOX

Future Tech. Today

Introducing the techtron® TS10/10+ VOX- the epitome of electric mobility that offers an exceptional fusion of dynamic power, refined performance, and unparalleled control that define every thrilling ride.

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techtron TS10/10+ VOX - 2 किलोवाट ई-स्कूटर

विक्रय कीमत£ 999.00
Color:techtron Orange
  • 55 किमी/घंटा^ अधिकतम गति*
  • 70 किमी^^ रेंज* *
  • त्वरण 0-25 किमी/घंटा - 10.5 सेकंड
  • 2 किलोवाट पीक पावर
  • हाइड्रोलिक सस्पेंशन (TS10+)
  • हाइड्रोलिक ब्रेक - आगे और पीछे (TS10+)
  • स्प्रिंग सस्पेंशन - फ्रंट और रियर (TS10)
  • रिमूवेबल/इंटरचेंजेबल बैटरी सिस्टम
  • रीजनरेटिव ब्रेकिंग सिस्टम
  • इंटेलिजेंट स्मार्टऐप
  • अल्ट्रा-ब्राइट एलईडी हेडलाइट्स
  • प्रीमियम संकेतक
  • USB चार्जिंग पोर्ट
  • उबड़-खाबड़ इलाकों के लिए टिकाऊ निर्माण
  • सहज ज्ञान युक्त TFT डिजिटल नियंत्रण पैनल
  • हवा से भरे 11" रोड ग्रिप टायर
  • फोन होल्डर + बोतल होल्डर
  • एंटी-स्लिप एम्बॉस्ड फुटबोर्ड

Key Features

  • 65 km/h^ Max Speed
  • 65/85 km^^ Range**
  • Accelleration: 0-25 km/h - 10.5 secs
  • 2 kW Peak Power
  • Hydraulic Suspension (TS10+)
  • Premium (Front & Rear) Hydraulic Brakes (TS10+)
  • Advanced (Front & Rear) Spring Suspension (TS10)
  • Removable / Interchangeable Battery System
  • Regenerative Braking System
  • Intelligent SmartApp
  • Ultra-Bright LED Headlights
  • Premium Indicators
  • USB Charging Port
  • Durable Build for Rough Terrains
  • Intuitive TFT Digital Control Panel
  • Air-Filled 11" Road Grip Tyres
  • Phone Holder + Bottle Holder
  • Anti-Slip Embossed Footboard

65 km/h Max Speed*

65 km Range**

2 kW Peak Power

Removable Battery

Regenerative Braking

Hydraulic Brakes - TS10+

Hydraulic Suspension - TS10+

Spring Suspension - TS10


USB Port


11" Tyres

Full Description

Experience the epitome of electric mobility with the techtron® TS10/10+ VOX – an exceptional fusion of dynamic power, refined performance, and unparalleled control that define every thrilling ride. Elevate your ride with the TS10+ EVO model, which features sophisticated hydraulic brakes and hydraulic suspension, transforming every journey into an exhilarating adventure.

65 km/h^ Max Speed: Reach a top speed of 65 km/h, merging thrill with performance.

65/85 km^^ Range: Traverse further with an extended range, ensuring your ride lasts longer and covers more distance.

2 kW Peak Power: Unleash raw power and experience thrilling acceleration that elevates your ride to unprecedented levels of excitement and efficiency.

Hydraulic Suspension: (TS10+) Enjoy a silky-smooth ride across any terrain with our state-of-the-art hydraulic front & rear suspension system, designed for ultimate comfort under any road conditions.

Premium (Front & Rear) Hydraulic Brakes: (TS10+) Command powerful and precise stopping capabilities with high-performance hydraulic front & rear brakes that ensure safety in every braking scenario.

Advanced (Front & Rear) Spring Suspension: (TS10) Smoothly navigate over any bumps or uneven surfaces, ensuring a comfortable ride.

Removable/Interchangeable Battery System: Flexibly extend your journeys with a battery system that supports quick swaps for continuous adventure.

Regenerative Braking: Increase your scooter’s efficiency by converting braking energy back into additional power.

Intelligent SmartApp: Customise your riding experience with an intelligent app that lets you adjust settings such as speed, activate cruise control, control lights, track mileage, and remotely lock your scooter.

Ultra-Bright LED Headlights: Illuminate your path with powerful LED headlights, enhancing safety and visibility during night rides.

Premium Indicators: Ensure your turning intentions are clear with enhanced visibility provided by high-quality indicators.

Visibility: Stay visible in low-light conditions with ultra-bright, wraparound side lights that enhance safety.

USB Charging Port: Maintain connectivity and charge on the go with a convenient USB port built into the scooter.

Durable Build for Rough Terrains: Built to withstand tough environments, this robust design keeps you going over challenging terrains.

Intuitive LCD Digital Control Panel: Easily monitor essential metrics of your scooter for optimized management during your rides.

Convenience on Board: Enjoy added practical features such as a bottle holder and a secure phone holder, blending utility with style.

Air-Filled 11"Road Grip Tyres: Engage any landscape with confidence thanks to tyres designed for superior grip and performance on various surfaces.

Premium Anti-Slip Embossed Footboard: Step onto the secure, anti-slip footboard designed for maximum grip and safety in any condition.

The techtron® TS10/10+ VOX is more than just an electric scooter; it’s a vital enhancement to the lifestyle of the modern rider, merging cutting-edge technology with durable design to transform every trip into a memorable adventure. Dive into the revolution of electric scooters with the TS10/10+ VOX, where extraordinary power converges with sophisticated practicality.


Max Speed:

55 km/h*



0-25 km/h - 10.5 Sec



70 km** (Dependant on Speed & Terrain)


Removable Battery:






Regenerative Braking:



Motor Power:

2 kW (Peak)


Speed Modes:



Cruise Control:



Hill Incline:



Charging Time:

2-3 Hours* (80% within 90 mins)


Battery Type:

18650 Lithium


Battery Capacity:

48V 19.2Ah


Water Resistance:




Hydraulic - TS10+
Spring - TS10


Tyre Type:



Tyre Size:



Bottle Holder:



Phone Holder:



Dimensions, Weight & Safety


37.5 kg





Folded Dimensions:

1400 (L) x 580 (D) x 592 (H) mm


Unfolded Dimensions:

1400 (L) x 580 (D) x 1330 (H) mm


Maximum Load:

120 kg / 19 st


Recommended Age:



Drive Type:

Front Wheel Drive





E-ABS Brake:

Front / Rear


Brake System:

Hydraulic - TS10+
Mechanical - TS10


Kick Stand:



Accelerator Control:

Thumb Press


Brake Control:



Handlebar Grips:



Front Light:



Rear Light:






Smart Technology


Smart Integrated Display





APP Name:




iOS + Android

Instruction Manual

Please download the Instruction Manual HERE

* Max Speed: 25 km/h (Limited) up to 55 km/h via App

** 30 km Range (Dependant on Speed & Terrain)

Go Further with Every Stop

The TS10/10+ VOX is equipped with advanced Regenerative Braking technology that extends battery life, reduces maintenance costs, and offers a smoother, more energy-efficient riding experience.

> Brake Smarter with Regenerative Technology

Adventure Uninterrupted

The TS10/10+ VOX boasts a Removable & Interchangeable Battery that extends riding range, offers cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and convenient maintenance, enhances safety, and ensures optimal performance and travel flexibility.


Comfort and Control

Conquer any terrain with the hydraulic suspension on the TS10+ model, designed for an ultra-smooth, stable ride it will boost your e-scooter's handling, giving a seamless, controlled experience.

Alternatively, choose the spring suspension TS10 model, offering exceptional shock absorption & stability for a comfortable, responsive ride.

> Hydraulic Suspension (Front & Rear) - TS10+

> Spring Suspension (Front & Rear) - TS10

Superior Stopping Power

Experience ultimate safety with premium hydraulic brakes on the TS10+ VOX, offering unmatched stopping power and precision for any situation.

The TS10 model features robust mechanical brakes, providing reliable performance and consistent stopping power.

> Hydraulic Braking (Front & Rear) - TS10+

Ride Smarter

Elevate your e-scooter experience with our advanced SmartApp. This sleek interface allows you to tailor your ride settings, from speed adjustments and cruise control activation to light customisation and mileage tracking. Lock your scooter with a tap and ride with confidence.

> Intelligent SmartApp

Elevate your Ride

Elegantly crafted and expertly engineered, the TS10/10+ VOX is built with exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Its superior quality and numerous benefits enhance every riding experience, offering a perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style.




> Air-Filled 11” Road Grip Tyres

> Aerospace Grade Strengthened Steel

> USB Charging Port

> TFT Screen

See and be Seen

Illuminate your path and enhance visibility with our ultra-bright LED headlight, indicators & side lights. Enjoy safer rides with clear turning intentions and powerful illumination, ensuring you can see and be seen, day or night.

> Super Bright Headlight

> Premium Indicators

> Side Lights

Your Colour, Your Ride

Express yourself through colour and choose from one of our stylish, design led vibrant colour accents. Ride in comfort, efficiency, and standout in style.

> techtron Orange

> techtron Blue

> techtron Green

> techtron Red